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sweet treats

December 19, 2011

The classic duo that is milk and cookies has long been the go-to offering for Santa (and friends, house guests, party goers, etc.). It doesn’t feel like Christmastime until I’ve successfully baked (and yes, eaten) a batch of warm, wintery cookies. This year, I decided to make snickerdoodles for the first time ever. They’re such a timely classic and I couldn’t resist after seeing this recipe. I knew these would be a big hit even before I took these out of the oven. They filled my entire apartment with a butter, sugary, cinnamony aroma that made the Christmas music I was listening to even better! And they didn’t disappoint. So soft and fluffy – perfection.

In addition to snickerdoodles,  I was also craving chocolate chip cookies all week long. And when I have a craving for a certain baked good, it doesn’t subside until said baked good is in my belly! Sometimes it’s hard to risk messing with a classic like a chocolate chip cookie, but I also happen to have a slight weakness for anything involving Oreos. So, low and behold – the Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookie! I baked the original recipe last spring and they were ahhh-mazing. But since I’m making these to share, I figured I would try out the mini version so I could make more cookies. Plus, I could eat 3 (or more…) and feel less guilt. Have a look!

Christmas cookies: check.

Sugar overload: check.

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