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wrap it up!

December 21, 2011

I might not be one of those last-minute shoppers, but I am a last-minute wrapper! If you ever find yourself in a bind like this and have no wrapping paper, why not use what you already likely have? A brown paper bag can do so much more than hold groceries. Add a little homemade flare such as pretty gift tags or ribbon to complete the look. You might even draw or paint right onto the paper. Trust me, it won’t look makeshift or cheap… Just have a look at these creative examples!



Has anyone been to Trader Joe’s lately? I love that place. There are always new goodies to discover! Anyways, I could go on about their food selection for days, but I wanted to also give credit to them for their paper bags. Seem weird? Take a look for yourself. So clever and so in-line with their brand.




Okay, I apologize if I got a little carried away with this post. I just love gift packaging, especially when it’s as easy as reusing a bag that doesn’t even need to be redecorated. Now, get to it. Happy wrapping (and unwrapping)!

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